Saturday Project (Lavender Hearts)

Got a free hour this Saturday and want to have a go at something easy but pretty?

My aunt taught me how to make lavender hearts a while back and I have since got a little obssessed with them. They are quick, easy and you can have fun customising each one in a unique way that suits who it is intended for. Every female in my family has received one as a gift at some point!

Start with a heart template to use to cut out two heart fabric shapes:


Then sew these hearts together back to back, leaving a 3cm gap to use later to stuff the heart. To make a neat and strong edge best to leave a 1cm border around the sewn area.


Then turn the heart the right way round by pushing the material through the 3cm gap. Then get busy stuffing it. Make sure you stuff it enough and push it right into the edges. Remember to put in dried lavender at the same time to give the lovely smell!


Now you are nearly there! Sew up the 3cm gap by hand and have fun customising the outside of the heart. A good idea is to add a ribbon loop at the top so you can hang the heart. But there are lots of other things you can do with ribbons too….


Crack open your button collection too and perhaps choose some in coordinating colours.


Here is a completed heart ready to hang on my lounge door:


Easy right? Let me know how you get along.

Material list
Paper and pen (to make template)
Dried lavender
Polyester stuffing
Needle and thread
Any buttons, ribbons or other materials wanted to decorate


5 thoughts on “Saturday Project (Lavender Hearts)

  1. Yes, this is so pretty, I will try this too 😉 Did you handsewed them or machine-sewed them? What do you use to push the lavender into the heart?

    I love this Holly!

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