Morning Inspiration

On such a dull and wet Tuesday morning it can be rather gloomy getting up to start the start the day. Thankfully, this morning I was cheered my some old photos of my family when we were kids and a postcard of a beautifully painted sea view.

This is because of my inspiration board which I created a year or so ago in order to help me start the day brighter and to trigger my creativity when I get a bit stuck or dry. It sits on my desk in my bedroom so it can’t be missed!


Originally it was the board I displayed the table plan on at my wedding. I staple gunned cream fabric over a wooden board and sewed the words ‘table plan’ at the top with orange, cream and red thread to match the color theme. I covered part of the board with orange mesh organza and used pearl headed pins to pin the table lists on cream card to the board. Some vintage lace was added at the top to give a rustic but romantic feel.

After it had been moved from room to room following our wedding, an inspiration board seemed like the ideal way continue to use and cherish it. Especially as thinking about my wedding alone is enough to make me smile!

The great thing is that you can make one of these out of practically anything! My friend has an inspiration rope instead where she ties lovely things to a hanging rope. What will you make your’s out of?


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