Tag Team

A rare afternoon off work and three days until fathers’ day (if you’re in the UK)…..sounds like time to experiment with some glue and coloured card! But on the journey to making my fathers’ day card, I got distracted by tags….


I have loads of left over cream cards from when I was making my wedding invitations. We ordered far too many and I have been thinking of uses for them.


So I turned them upside down and drew a tag outline and cut out several tag shapes. I then covered them with sections of old newspapers, a tube map and an old dictionary to make quirky tags for gifts.


You can add some decorations to make them a little bit more personalised. Hole punch a hole at the top and knot some string through to attach to a gift.


So this gave me inspiration for my fathers’ day card! After cutting some coloured card to size and layering it….I added a tag.


I then cut out some letters from some newpapers…


And here you have it:


P.s. Don’t tell my dad yet!


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