Practice Makes Perfect

I have been busy practising what Valerie June does best, experimenting with glass pearls, crystals and silver wire to create occassion jewellery. Take a look at the two newest additions…..

The valerie necklace


I made this by carefully wrapping and twisting silver wire and incorporating glass pearls in differing sizes and shades of cream to give texture. I also included some small clear crystals.


I bendt some thicker silver wire to create a homemade clasp at the back. Beautiful for a wedding…..although I liked it so much I have worn it to work too.

The valerie tiara/headband


This was so much fun to make but tolk me a very long time! So many pearls to wrap onto the frame. Again, I used glass pearls of different sizes and shades of cream.


I made the frame my self with a thick silver wire, including small loops at the end so that it can be easily secured into the hair with two grips. I then used one smaller size of pearl to line the edges before building up layers of different pearls to complete the front.


The band/frame was specially made to include a slight bend in the front to give a slightly different pointed effect.

And comfortable to wear too!

No detailed instructions for this one folks…..can’t give all my secrets away!


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