DIY Crystal Earrings

I made these simple and classic crystal earrings a while ago and they have become one of my favourite pairs.


They are quick and simple to make if you follow these steps…

Step one

Get some 0.6mm silver wire.


Cut a length about 10cm long using wire cutters.


Step two

To make the hole that will hold the crystal bead, hold the very edge of one end with round nosed pliers and wrap tbe wire around to make a loop.


Then hold the wire in the middle (or where you would like the bend to be) and gently bend the wire in half over the round nosed pliers.


You can now cut the opposite end to an appropriate length and gently file straight on flat and around the edge of the cut end to make it smooth for wearing.

Step three

Choose a crystal bead (or any bead really!) and threat it onto a headpin wire.


Then hold the wire above the bead with the round nosed pliers and wrap it around to make another loop….if you would like to be a bit fancier and wrap the wire around the top of the bead, leave space to do this.


Then wrap the remainder of the wire around itself at the top of the bead whilt holding the loop with the pliers to keep it steady.


Step four

Lastly, use the pliers to bend open the loop on the wire without the bead to attach the bead and push to close.

And there you have it:


Beautiful! You can experiment with different beads and wire lengths.

0.6mm silver wire
2 Schwartz crystal beads
Long head pins
Wire cutters
Round nosed pliers
A bit of patience!


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