Saturday Project (Cushion Covers)

I had a cream silk shirt with a black floral design that was my absolute favourite top to wear…trouble is that it kept ripping so easily. After sewing it up for the third time, I decided to find a new use for it. The result was this cushion below…



I got a square cushion pad and measured it. I then cut out two pieces of material to those measurements but with an inch border. I went for a ruatic orange front and beige back.

I cut strips out of my shirt and hemmed each strip with my sewing machine. I then sewed the strips onto one of material pieces in horizonral layers. I just secured them at the top so that they flapped a little and would give the cushion texture.

I then pinned the material squares together, with the outaides facing each other and leaving an inch border, and sewed with my sewing machine around the edge. I left 2/3 of one side unsewn to add in the cushion pad.

I then turned the material the right way out and popped in the cushion pad. I then sewed up the remainder of the edge neatly and discretely by hand.

Here you have it…



You could decorate your’s with all sorts of odds and ends including buttons and ribbon.

Material of desired colour, the right size for your cushion
Sewing machine
Cotton thread to match material colour
Cushion pad
Decorating material, eg. Ribbon, buttons or other material


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