Beautiful Bunting

Some friends and I are organising an Olympic family fun day for our neighbours and community for next weekend, so I have been searching our home for possible decorations. I came across about 30 meters of bunting that I made for my wedding two years ago, to go with the rustic country theme with rustic orange and cream.



The easy way to make bunting is to cut triangles out of your desired material and sew the top over a length of ribbon or string.


For the wedding though, I opted for making more luxurious double sided bunting.

I cut out trianges and created a smooth neat edge by folding over the sides and sewing them to hem. Like this:


Then sew two of the triangles together, sewing over the hem stich to keep it neat. When you sew them together, put the string along the top of the triangles inbetween the two sides. Sew above and below the string to attach the material.

The result is this:



Needle and thread/sewing machine
Material of your choice
String or ribbon


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