Christmas Crafting: Homemade Wrapping Paper

The Christmas crafting has started! My home is a chaotic jubble of ribbons, paper and fabric. It might be driving my husband nuts, but I love it and the creativity gets me in the Christmas spirit – full of joy at the greater crafter, the creator God.

This week I have been making homemade wrapping paper and even enlisted the husband’s help.


It is the easiest Christmas craft. Take a big potato and cut it in half. Then carve out a Christmas inspired design and paint the remaining potato edge in your desired coloured paint. I did a star in white acrylic paint.


Don’t use too much paint because then the print is likely to smear.

Then place the potato print onto some plain brown paper to make the star print.


You can repeat this as many times as you like to create sheets of wrapping paper.


You can do multiple designs if you are feeling extra-creative. Below is one with Christmas trees.


And there you have it. So, get Christmas crafting!

One large potato
Blunt knife for carving
Acrylic paint
Roll of brown paper

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