Christmas Crafts: Personalised Napkins

I love hosting Christmas and am a great believer that it is the little handmade, personal details that make all the difference.

Last year I made these individualised napkins from scratch using old white bed sheets.


Cut up the sheet/material into large squares or rectangles (it’s a personal choice). Then, using a sewing machine for a neat finish, hem the edges to create your basic napkin.


Then choose a selection of coloured thread and interesting buttons to use to decorate each one. Using a soft pencil, sketch your design onto one cornor of the napkin and hand sew over to create your design. See the baby Jesus one below:


You can also use the buttons to create a more colourful and 3D effect. I did a different design for each one because I love variety.


You could do the same one each one for a more sophisticated look.


Whote bed sheet
Sewing machine
White thread
Coloured thread
Coloured buttons


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