Saturday Project: Cushion Covers – Advanced

Now that Chistmas is over and all the gifts have been given, I can share with you two specials gifts that I made for my mum and mother-in-law.


These handmade cushion covers are a follow on from my previous post about how to make cushion covers. These are slightly tricker and definitely need a good dose of patience.


This first cover was made using an altered form of my previous technique. Cut the fabric for the back as usual, but this time I created the from panel using sections of different fabric.
I cut two strips of cream fabric and a thicker strip of red polka dot fabric to go in the middle. Sew these to each other to create the front panel and then sew as usual.

I then sewed some green buttons in a line along the front for decorative effect.


This second one I made for my mother-in-law. I used the simple two panel technique, except that this cushion cover has a cream antique lace trim around the edge.

To do this, pin the edge of the trim to the edge of the front of the back fabric panel. The trim needs to face into the middle of the panel.

Then place the front panel on top and pin into place as usual – with the front facing inwards.

Sew along the edge. As you sew the two panels together you will be attaching the trim at the same time. When you turn it the right way out the trim should stick out from the cushion.

I won’t lie…this second one is especially fiddly!!

Sewing machine
Fabric of desired size
Tape measure
Lace trim

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